DWL Watch

Introducing the Diving With Legends DOXA SUB 1200T HRV

This is a Limited Edition watch to commemorate the release of the Diving With Legends book

A watch and a special hardbacked book, signed by almost all of the legends will be given to each of the book’s contributors

Here are the details……

The Diving With Legends SUB is a special SUB 1200T HRV with DWL logo on the dial and engraved caseback. It is limited to only 99 watches. Each contributing legend will receive a watch and DOXA will retain a number for internal use as it is such a unique edition. This means that the number available to the public is expected to be less than 70

The DWL SUB 1200T HRV will come with a hardback version of Diving With Legends which has a copy of the page that was signed by most of the book’s contributors inserted into it before binding

The Diving With Legends SUB is now SOLD OUT